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21.08.2017Made opencbm the current link on OpenCBM, making it visible for all.
12.11.2014Finally, I found time to add my new employee to my Curriculum vitae.
02.10.2009Added a new publication (Magdeburger Maschinenbautage 2009) to the Curriculum vitae.
27.09.2009Added two new publications (ETFA 2009) to the Curriculum vitae.
06.02.2009A new child was born! It's my little son. Changed Curriculum vitae to reflect the new status.
14.11.2008Added a new publication (Wireless Congress: Systems & Applications) to the Curriculum vitae.
08.05.2008I have added a debian package repository for VICE/a>, CC65 and CenterIM on the web site.
12.03.2008Added three new publications (Heise Netze, EKA 2008, WFCS 2008) to the Curriculum vitae.
29.11.2007Added another new publication in the German iX to the Curriculum vitae.
24.03.2007I started blogging about Commodore themes. Find it here: Spiro's CBM Blog.
15.01.2007I added links to Wikipedia, more translations, and patents, on page search and links.
09.12.2006Since October, I have a new employer. I changed the site to reflect this.
03.09.2006The forum-64 moved to another location; this has been fixed at the CBM 8 bit page.
26.05.2006I am married now!
28.04.2006A new section 'ancient books' with discontinued books.
28.03.2006A new bugfix version (V2) of the Parallel Port Oscilloscope (PPOSC) is available now.
20.02.2006Added two MS blogs to the Free-mailer and news page.
16.01.2006Added another new publication to the Curriculum vitae.
09.01.2006Added two new publications to the Curriculum vitae.
08.10.2005Added a translation of parts of the cbm4win documentation into German.
28.07.2005Added the new semester on University/Educational work.
15.06.2005New pages about CBM 8-bit-computers and programming in assembler.
29.05.2005New release of CBM4WIN, version 0.1.0a.
22.04.2005The Projects/Parallel Port Oscilloscope (PPOSC) can be downloaded now.
13.03.2005Added the new semester on University/Educational work.
06.12.2004Added a FAQ section for CBM4WIN.
28.11.2004First public release of CBM4WIN.
06.11.2004Added information on another project of mine, Projects/CBM4WIN.
02.09.2004As the university pages were restructured, I had to adjust all links on the page "educational work".
30.08.2004Added a new publication (Drängler im WLAN) at the c't magazine on Curriculum vitae.
12.07.2004Added preliminary information on a project of mine, Projects/Parallel Port Oscilloscope (PPOSC).
12.07.2004Added preliminary information for the new semester on University/Educational work.
07.05.2004Added the search ability for citeseer to Search and Links.
18.04.2004Added the new semester on University/Educational work.
24.02.2004Added a new publication (WLAN-Feinschliff) at the c't magazine on Curriculum vitae.
26.01.2004An RSS feed which announces news for this site is available. https://spiro.trikaliotis.net/rss_feed.rdf.
19.01.2004Added an accepted publication on Curriculum vitae.
04.12.2003Corrected link "Forschungsdatenbank" on page University/Links.
02.12.2003Added some publications that were missing on Curriculum vitae.
28.10.2003Added a new site on free mailer and news.
26.10.2003Corrected a typo on history (this page(!);
Corrected some small errors in the CSS; it now validates as correct CSS.
16.10.2003I changed from "Kommunikation und Netze" ("communication and networks") to "Echtzeitsysteme" ("real-time systems") on University/Educational work.
30.09.2003Added the new semester on University/Educational work.
24.08.2003Added a new page, Search and links, and the google search bar at the top.
23.08.2003Added a new publication (Vorfahrt für die Schnellen) at the c't magazine on Curriculum vitae.
18.08.2003Changed Curriculum vitae to reflect my new marital status.
11.07.2003I moved to an own domain: https://spiro.trikaliotis.net/
31.03.2003Added two pages; University/Links and University/Educational work.
20.03.2003Website is relaunched and goes online for the 1st time