Debian Packages

I have started generating some debian packages for some software. These could be obtained from here. However, I have moved them to the OpenSUSE build service so they can be obtained more easily. Additionally, I can provide RPM files along the DEB files.

The repositorys are recompiled as soon as there are new checkins to the respective repositories (the only exception being VICE, as that one does not compile at the moment!)

Currently, the following packages are available:

Note that this is a free service only. At any instant of time, I might decide to remove the packages, for example, due to lack of time or interest.

How to obtain the debian packages

The download links above referring to the OpenSUSE build service contain the information you need in order to download and install the packages.

VICE ROMs for debian

VICE needs the ROMs of the original machines in order to work properly. In Debian, VICE is included, but it lacks the ROMs, as they are not allowed by Debian policy. I created a DEB package which contains just the ROMs. You can download it from here.

In order to install it, put it on your machine and execute dpkg -i vice-rom_3.3.deb as root (or prepending a sudo, if appropriate).

Have fun!