Debian Packages

I have started generating some debian packages for some software. These can be found here. Currently, the following tools are available:

Note that this is a free service only. At any instant of time, I might decide to remove the packages, for example, because the bandwidth consumption grows too high.

How to obtain the debian packages

There are two possibilities: If you want to track the packages whenver I change them, you might want to use aptitude. If you just want to download them once, just go to the directory specified above, after the package description, and install it using dpkg -i <packagename>. Note, however, that dpkg cannot resolve dependencies. Thus, it may fail installing a package. Starting aptitude afterwards, you should be able to fix it, as it will show the newly installed package.

Using apt-get or aptitude

In order to for aptitude or synaptics to recognize the new packages, you have to place the following lines into the /etc/apt/sources.list file:

deb stable contrib
deb-src stable contrib

The packages are all signed. My GPG key has the key ID 0x2AF47E44, the fingerprint is: ECC5 D8FD 6374 CFBD 42A1 9917 28E1 D6A4 2AF4 7E44. It can be obtained from the usual key servers (especially, or download it from spiro.pgp. You can give this key the trusted status for APT by issuing:
$ gpg -a --export 2AF47E44 | apt-key add -
as root on Debian, or with $ gpg -a --export 2AF47E44 | sudo apt-key add -
as normal user on Ubuntu, or on Debian if you have set up sudo accordingly.

If you have downloaded my key from above, instead use
$ apt-key add spiro.pgp
as root on Debian, or with $ sudo apt-key add spiro.pgp
as normal user on Ubuntu, or on Debian if you have set up sudo accordingly.

If you want to verify my key also when getting the sources with apt-get source, you must add my key to your local GnuPG keychain:
$ gpg --recv-key 2AF47E44

Have fun!