Commodore Computers

On this page, I have collected some links to resources on Commodore (CBM) machines.

Manuals, Datasheets, disk images, and the like

Only loosely related to Commodore 8 bit machines, but interesting anyway: A history of the Amiga at



Emulators and Transfer Software


  • VICE is a versatile emulator for most machines of CBM's 8 bit line. The VICE Knowledge Base which I maintain contains some help for running VICE.
  • CCS64
  • Frodo
  • YAPE emulates 264 based machines (Plus/4, C16, C116).
  • Personal C64 is an older emulator which is not actively developped anymore.
  • C64S is an older emulator which is not actively developped anymore.
  • Emulator FAQ

Transfer Software

  • Star Commander is a DOS-based program for transferring CBM disk to the PC.
  • cbm4win is "my" project for accessing CBM drives from Windows. It is a port of cbm4linux to Windows.
  • cbm4linux for accessing CBM drives from Linux
  • 1581copy lets you access your 1581 3,5" drive in a PC disk drive.
  • Markus Brenner has written some tools for manipulating CBM tapes.
  • 64HDD makes a PC act like a CBM hard disk.
  • 1541emu is a similiar, but less powerfull tool.
  • VC1541 is an even older, similar project.
  • Commodore Service Manuals and other stuff.

Mailing lists, newsgroups

  • A list can be found here.

Hardware Projects

Programming Languages


  • GoDot immage processing System by Arndt Dettke
  • Covert Bit Ops is a small group making C64 productions (mainly games & music) and related free utilities on recreation basis (also here).